Healing & Counseling Services

"Allowing Heaven On Earth"

Hello and welcome to GraceFlow.  

Helping you to experience heaven on earth is my heart's purpose.

My name is Scot Klingenmaier. I am a healer-counselor offering my unique services to those who feel drawn to work with me.  It is my purpose to help you realign with the Source of Loving Light.  In this way you may heal, evolve and better create the life you desire for yourself.  Can you feel it, flowing to you now, this healing balm of grace coming your way?  

I specialize in working with the subtle energy body of individuals or groups, helping to clear the unloving belief imprints and stuck emotional essence that causes "dis-ease".   Engaging at higher vibrational dimensions of being, I enlist the support of your helpful "angels", as well as the Mother and Father of Loving Creation, to guide us in a healing journey together.  

My services are available both in person or at a distance, so we can work together no matter where you live.

I work with individuals, couples, families, groups, and larger organizations.

Here is a brief synopsis of what we will do together:


Explore to identify the underlying root cause of your disease, imbalance or block to desired manifestation


Attend to understanding the value, the lesson and the deeper need within this root cause


Focus transformative healing energy towards re-establishing wellness, balance and empowerment


Reclaim your deeper connection to the wise loving Creator Being within

Please visit the Services link to find out more about my Healing, Counseling and Wisdom Teaching Services.

You are the healing garden of the love you host